Rail Trail Description

The available line begins at the Needham Junction station, where it splits off from the commuter rail line. From Chestnut St., it runs under High Rock St., and continues west parallel to South St. and alongside the Needham Town Forest.

After the tracks cross Charles River Street and Fisher Street, they cut between the Walker School and the Charles River Peninsula, a Trustees of Reservations property. At this point it is also adjacent to Red Wing Bay, which is managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Photo: View of Charles River Peninsula from the Dover side of the rail bridge

Continuing west, the tracks cross an old trestle bridge over the Charles River, parallel to and just south of the Central Avenue bridge. The bridge, which needs repair before it can be actively used, offers a wonderful view of the Charles River and its environs.

Photo: The view of the Central Ave bridge from the rail bridge

The tracks continue toward Dover Center, underneath Centre St. and past several private yards. The trail does run near Noanet Woods, another TTOR property.

On the west side of Dover Center, the tracks skirt a couple neighborhoods before plunging into two miles of protected woodlands, part of Dover's Centre Street Conservation Corridor. The image below shows one of the few spots on the tracks where it intersects with a trail in those woods.

More images to come!