Adding Bike Stencils, Improving Safety

This Wednesday, June 11, Needham Bikes will be going in front of Needham's Traffic Management Advisory Committee with a proposal to add bike stencils at regular intervals in the breakdown lanes on Greendale Avenue. The lanes range from 4' to 7' in width, so are ideal for bikes.

The purpose of the stencils is twofold:

  • To continue to raise awareness of bicyclists on our roads, and to promote the validity and safety of those riders
  • To encourage cyclists to stay to the right, where possible in that lane, to avoid impacting vehicular flow.

This technique is used in nearby Newton, where Winchester St and Walnut Street from Newton Highlands to Newtonville are both excellent examples of the value these markings can provide.

Greendale Avenue is one of the most popular roads for bicycles in the suburbs west of Boston. On weekends especially hundreds of cyclists head west from Newton and Boston, through Needham by way of Greendale Avenue. The sharrows will help not only make the passag safer for these cyclists, but will also encourage them to stay to the right to allow easier passage by motorists.