You're Doing It Wrong, Dutch Cyclist Tells Americans

There is an evocative article today from Upworthy , amplified by The Bold Italic , in which a Dutchman named Mark Wagenbuur discusses how far off the mark we are in the US when it comes to enabling and encouraging cycling.

In the YouTube he created (below), Wagenbuur points out that we're 30 times more likely to get injured on a bicycle than in the Netherlands. There are many good insights in the video - good inspiration for us in Needham as we upgrade our cycling experience!

An excerpt of the post on Bold Italic:

Wagenbuur points out that we American cylists wear silly spandex and bike helmets, are always competing with moving and parked cars for lanes, and need very explicit signs and explanations like sharrows to protect us from vehicular traffic. He explains that few people are brave and fit enough to ride our streets because of the conditions we have to deal with.

The article's final sentence rings as true in Needham as it does in San Francisco:

Maybe we're not as advanced as the Dutch in that sphere just yet, but at least in San Francisco, we're making moves to being biking safer and better everyday.