2010 Bicycling and Walking Benchmarking Report

In late 2010, the Alliance for Biking and Walking , a North American coalition of grassroots bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations, delivered a comprehensive report on biking and walking in the United States. The report, which is 196 pages long (and attached here), includes much interesting data on active forms of transportation.

For example, while Massachusetts as a state ranks #13 for biking to work, and #8 for walking to work, did you know that Boston has the largest share of commuters who walk or bike to work?

In the US, 9.6 of all trips are by bicycle or foot. In Massachusetts, that number is 10.9%

Finally, the report shows the percentage of people who commute by various modes - walk, bike, public transportation, etc. Unfortunately, cars, trucks and vans still account for 87% of all commutes, though the report shows modest gains in walking and biking: