Welcome to Needham Bikes

Needham Bikes is an advocacy group that promotes the safe and widespread use of bicycles for transportation and recreation in Needham, Massachusetts. Our vision is to encourage Needham to become a bicycle friendly community by:

  • Creating safe and well marked bike routes through the town, establishing bicycle lanes and signs to raise awareness and increase safety
  • Broadening awareness of bicycles as a safe, enjoyable and healthy alternative to cars
  • Advocating for better bicycle facilities in public facilities
  • Supporting people who want to connect with other bicyclists in Needham
  • Providing resources for those interested in learning about biking in the area

A Rail Trail in Needham

Imagine biking from Needham to Medfield, 7 miles on a shared-use path through beautiful conservation land and over the Charles River. Needham Bikes supports the effort of the Bay Colony Rail Trail to convert those inactive tracks into a rail trail, for use by bicyclists, strollers, joggers, walkers and many other non-motorized travelers.

Family Fun Rides

Needham Bikes hosts regular family fun rides in the spring and fall. Trips of 4 - 8 miles within Needham, to interesting destinations, accessible to most of the family (usually ages 6 and up).

A Bicycling Plan for Needham

Needham Bikes is implementing the bicycling plan with these goals:

  1. To reduce accident risk to cyclists;
  2. To make cycling an attractive means of transportation;
  3. To provide recreational opportunities that will improve quality of life for Needham’s residents;
  4. To promote a healthy, active lifestyle for citizens of all ages;
  5. To improve mobility for children, lessening society’s reliance on teenage driving and parents.

Willow Street Bridge to close on Jan. 31st

Notice from MassDOT

MassDOT will close the Willow Street Bridge (South Street in Needham), which carries traffic over the Charles River between the towns of Dover and Needham on Monday January 31, 2011. The closure will allow crews to commence with heavy construction activities associated with the replacement of the bridge.  Work is anticipated to be completed in the Fall of 2012.

All northbound traffic traveling on Willow Street will be detoured left onto Cross Street and then directed to turn right onto Central Ave. in order to access Charles River Street. Traffic traveling southbound on South Street (Willow Street in Dover) will be detoured to take a right onto Charles River Street, then directed to take left onto South Street in order to access Willow Street. ( see attached map )

How Cool is This? Covered Bike Racks at Hersey

Who's the New Group in Town? Needham Bike No S?

At first I assumed I had seen it wrong, Needham Bike? Who are those guys? Are they friends of Needham Bikes? Hopefully. Ok, it's just an S, but imagine if the DPW took that attitude with other signs: TOP would be common, PEED LIMIT perhaps confusing, or even CHOOL ZONE when kids are cool enough already. Of course, you've never seen a missing S on a street sign, other than on David Letterman or Jay Leno. But, somewhere in Needham, this sign welcomes people from neighboring towns (to the South) and they look and wonder "is there a particularly famous bike in Needham" that deserved its own commemorative sign.

AAA Looking to Restrict Funding for Walking, Biking, and Trails? Sign the Petition!

According to Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC), the American Automobile Association (AAA) recently advocated for the elimination of critical, established programs that fund trails, walking and bicycling from the trust fund that finances transportation. Although AAA says it supports all types of transportation, that doesn't seem to be consistent with the stated position, which would divert money away from walking and bicycling and toward the highway system.

People for Bikes.org

There's a new website and organization - peopleforbikes.org - focused on supporting "pro-bike policies and spread(ing) the joy of bikes." They're looking to collect one million names "in support of a better world for biking -- one that's safer, more convenient, and more appealing for everyone."

A Rough Rail Trail Possible in Near Term

The Bay Colony Rail Trail is a proposed recreational path that would replace the train corridor that runs seven miles from Needham Junction to Medfield. The tracks are no longer used and the MBTA, which owns the real estate and has no plans to re-activate rail service there, is very willing to lease the land and have it converted to what is somethings referred to as a "linear park."

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