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Some NY Commuters Choose Bicycles After Storm

An Alternative Way Across Rt. 128: A Tunnel?

Needham Bikes has a vision in which more open, clean and safe passage between Needham and Newton will provide access to:

  • Natural resources like Cutler Park and the Charles River
  • A less congested experience when shopping on Needham St.
  • More open commuting routes to Newton and beyond that are safer and more appealing

Over the past couple months, there has been an active discussion among cycling advocates in Needham and Newton, expressing concern over the published designs for the Kendrick St. and Highland Avenue crossings over Rt. 128 as part of the Add-a-Lane project. A description of the concern is summarized in the a recent post here, Advocating for Better Routes Between Needham and Newton!

Advocating for Better Routes Between Needham and Newton

As you may have heard, the Rt 128 Add-a-Lane project will work its way north n the next couple years, and undertake some major construction on the two primary bridges that connect Needham and Newton: Highland Ave and Kendrick St.

More information about the plan here , and an embedded map (PDF) of the area is shown below.

Update on Needham - Newton Bike/Pedestrian Corridors

On Thursday, Feb. 2, a meeting was help at Newton City Hall to address designs and options for bicyclist and pedestrian usage of the corridors between Needham and Newton that weill be affected by the impending Rt. 128 Add-a-Lane project.

Needham Summit on Energy and the Environment Monday, 10/24

The Needham Summit on Energy and the Environment, a collaboration of Olin College, Needham League of Women Voters, and Green Needham, will be held on Monday, October 24, 2011 at Olin College.

This will be an opportunity to discuss and work on a shared vision for our future in matters related to energy and the environment. Come and join us to set a direction for what our community can look like in 2020 and beyond.

The forum will include

Happy Birthday Fred!

Many of you may know the remarkable Fred Kresse, who has been a resident of Needham for almost 50 years. Among the many remarkable things Fred has done, he has been an avid cyclist and member of the Charles River Wheelmen.

Fred (middle, in blue jacket) and his entourage at around the 15 mile mark

Needham Events on Moving Planet Day, Sept. 24

On Saturday, September 24, Needham will be participating in the Moving Planet event, a worldwide day of action advocating clean transportation – a planet moving under human power and clean energy, not powered by fossil fuels.

Needham Bikes is partnering with Green Needham and the Needham Community Farm to sponsor two events, a local bike ride from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and, at 1:00 (updated time), a longer bike ride to Boston Common to join the Moving Planet Rally.

2010 Bicycling and Walking Benchmarking Report

In late 2010, the Alliance for Biking and Walking , a North American coalition of grassroots bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations, delivered a comprehensive report on biking and walking in the United States. The report, which is 196 pages long (and attached here), includes much interesting data on active forms of transportation.

For example, while Massachusetts as a state ranks #13 for biking to work, and #8 for walking to work, did you know that Boston has the largest share of commuters who walk or bike to work?

Once More with Feeling! Bike Friday This Week

This Friday, Aug 26, will be the last Bike Friday of the season, and there will be a willing convoy heading from Needham to Boston City Hall Plaza for a breakfast celebration.

The convoy from Needham will begin at 6:15 at Needham Town Common across from Harvey's Hardware. It will proceed to Cutler Lake on Nahaton Street by 6:30. This month however, we'll take a slightly more direct route and go via the Arnold Arboretum and the Southwest Corridor ( ). Total distance from Town Hall is about 15 miles.

Public Rail Trail Meeting on May 31st

Things have been moving forward nicely with the Bay Colony Rail Trail, the 7-mile recreational greenway that will run from Needham Junction to Medfield on the now unused railroad corridor.

We've recently learned of an exciting opportunity that could result in a crushed stone recreational path in a much shorter timeframe - as little as two years. The three towns involved have all expressed interest, and we're working through the details to get this moving ahead.

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