Needham Bikes Bi-Monthly Meeting, December 11

12/11/2012 07:30
12/11/2012 09:00
America/New York

Needham Bikes has held open and public periodically throughout its three year history. We're looking now to get more regular and predictable with these events, to provide a more accessible means for the bicycle advocacy community in Needham to participate in helping make Needham a better place fopr bicycling.

The last public  meeting, on October 3rd, was an opportunity to discuss issues and approaches with cycling in Needham in a general sense. This meeting will have a more specific focus and agenda.

1. Introductions. A chance to go around the room to get familiar with our fellow bicylists in town.

2. Update on recent activities, including the evolution of Needham Bikes into a more open and public process. Also included will be an update and discussion on the prospects for safer Needham-Newton passages, especially in light of the changes planned with the Rte. 128 Add-a-Lane project.

3. This meeting will introduce the beginning of planning for the 2013 Bike Fair. We had great turnout and fun in 2010 and 2011, but missed 2012. This year we're trying to get started early and identify the cadre of people willing to help put on this wonderful event.

4. Working session on designing the next phase of the Bicycling Plan. The old plan is now a dozen years old, and circumstances have clearly changed since it was written. The original plan was divided into three phases to help get started, with the first phase consisting of the obvious, low-handing fruit. In 2010 the streets indicated as part of Phase 1 were signed. In 2011, Needham Bikes underwent an additional effort to get precautionary signs added to South Street.

Phases 2 and 3 are more difficult to undertake, as they involve re-striping and possibly repaving of existing streets, We have an opportunity to reconsider those streets that should be part of the plan, and develop a recommended proposal to take back to the Traffic Management and Advisory Committee (TMAC) to develop an updated plan that works for all involved.

The idea for this session is to have everyone interested participate - you can download and print a map in advance if you are inclined to do homework in advance and map out your desired streets and routes. . Or we will have maps on hand for the meeting, where individuals and small groups can work together to plot appropriate courses.

Hope to see you at the Community Room (downstairs) at the Library on December 11 at 7:30!