Bike Lanes on Greendale Avenue Approved

Needham's Traffic Management Advicory Committee (TMAC) last night meeting approved adding 11 bike stencils to Greendale Avenue, effectively turning the wide breakdown lane into a bike lane.

These stenciled images added in selected locations to what is now a breakdown lane will improve safety for all: motorists will be more aware of the presence of cyclists, and the cyclists will be encouraged to stay to the right as they ride on Greendale.

Needham Bikes had sent out a ma\iling to 104 local residents, notifying them of the meeting. That letter also included reference to an online poll conducted on the Needham Bikes site. The poll was also publicized in an email newsletter to about 400 Needham Bikes subscribers.

The results of the poll were convincing: of the 86 Needham residents that responded, 83 were in favor or stongly in favor of the markings. Three respondenta were strongly opposed. Only six Greendale Avenue residents responded: 4 strongly in favor, 2 strongly opposed.

The placement of the bike markings proposed by DPW, shown in the image below, were accepted with one change, moving a stencil from 1044 Greendale Ave to 1084 Greendale.

The markings are expected be added by DPW in September.

(Click to see full size image)