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Complete Streets Public Meeting March 7

Following our meeting in February, we’ll continue to focus on ways we can advocate, promote and celebrate non-automotive travel in Town. This includes:

  • Reviewing the Board of Selectmen’s recently approving Needham’s adopting a complete streets policy . The evaluation of the policy was on the Board of Selectmen’s goals for 2017-2018. The Town works off these goals, which are re-visited each summer. So it’s not too early to start forming a plan to get implementation of the policy on their goals.
  • Discussion of participation at next week’s monthly Traffic Management Advisory committee meeting (March 8, 2017 at 7 p.m., in the Charles River Room of the Public Services Administration Building, 500 Dedham Ave.)
  • There is interest in holding another Needham Bike Fair this Spring during Bay State Bike Week (likely date Sat., May 20th). More details about the event will be discussed.
  • We also discussed updating the Needham Bike Plan. We’ll discuss how to do this, and who can be involved.
    Other topics that you raise.

The meeting will be Tuesday, March 7 at 7:30 at First Parish Needham, 23 Dedham Ave. Come in the door facing Dedham Ave, and go downstairs to the meeting room on the left.

Hope to see you all there! Please feel free to invite others you know might be interested. Our real purpose is to tap into the population of Needham residents willing to support and volunteer to help in this effort. With a broad enough base identified, we’ll be able to more effectively advocate and gain support from the Town.

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