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Needham Bikes and Walks Posts

10 Accidents in Needham Involving Pedestrians in 2016

This week’s Needham Times featured a cover story on the dramatic increase in pedestrian accidents in 2016. The unfortunate trend underscores the needs to improve bicycle and pedestrian traffic accommodations in Needham.

Needham sees high number of pedestrians hit by cars in 2016

A number of Needham cyclists are coming together again to revisit the priorities for improving conditions for cyclists and pedestrians. If you would like to become involved in this effort, please email

Globe Article: The road to fear-free biking in Boston

Nice article in the Globe quantifies the benefits of cycling, predictably using Copenhagen as the model.

“In Copenhagen, cyclists make up 45 percent of all commuters, and city planners have quantified the benefits. Adding up costs avoided by reducing traffic congestion, noise, crashes, wear and tear on infrastructure, and air pollution, they estimate 64 cents of net social gain from every mile traveled by bike instead of car. More residents getting regular exercise drives down health care costs by an estimated 61 cents per mile cycled.”

The road to fear-free biking in Boston

The Southwest Corridor is Fantastic for Biking from Needham to Boston

For anyone thinking about biking to Boston from Needham, you might want to check out the Southwest corridor park system, which provides a lovely bike path from near the Arboretum all the way in to Northeastern University and beyond.

The corridor actually runs all the way to Copley Square, though you need to make an unmarked left turn on Camden before Mass Ave to find the continuation of the park on the eastern side of Mass Ave. Continue reading The Southwest Corridor is Fantastic for Biking from Needham to Boston

Globe Editorial: As cycling gains popularity, an anti-cyclist bias remains

There is an evocative opinion piece in the Globe today, revealing an anti-cycling bias that  may be either conscious or unconscious. And the attitude may actually play out in driving habits, where the safety of cyclists sharing the same road is not sufficiently considered.

The salient point in the article was this:

No matter one’s opinion of cyclists or their riding habits, they are practically defenseless against the smallest sedan, never mind an SUV or a truck. Drivers simply have to take the high road — not only around cyclists who abide by the rules of the road, but even around selfish cyclists who don’t. Shaving a few minutes along the way can’t possibly outweigh the risk of maiming or killing a fellow human being.

Read the full piece here: As cycling gains popularity, an anti-cyclist bias remains

An Alternative Way Across Rt. 128: A Tunnel?

Needham Bikes has a vision in which more open, clean and safe passage between Needham and Newton will provide access to:

  • Natural resources like Cutler Park and the Charles River
  • A less congested experience when shopping on Needham St.
  • More open commuting routes to Newton and beyond that are safer and more appealing

Over the past couple months, there has been an active discussion among cycling advocates in Needham and Newton, expressing concern over the published designs for the Kendrick St. and Highland Avenue crossings over Rt. 128 as part of the Add-a-Lane project. A description of the concern is summarized in the a recent post here, Advocating for Better Routes Between Needham and Newton! Continue reading An Alternative Way Across Rt. 128: A Tunnel?